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The millennial history, together with its geographic and geological characteristics, has made Pozzuoli the preferred destination for archaeologists, artists and historical landscapers, contextualized in a scenario of great variety and naturalistic interest. Even the famous Solfatara, the active crater of a silent volcano, has contributed to spa tourism for a long time.

This area is the most evoked by Homer and Virgil. The Iliad, the Odyssey, and Virgil itself place in the
Phlaegrean fields the most fascinating myths of antiquity. Virgil, for example in the Book of Eneides,
discovered the infernal door in the Lake of Averno . Roman emperors preferred the Phlaegrean fields, and
in particular Pozzuoli and the Bay, for their magnificent residences and their leisure time ( the Flavium
Anphiteather, Stadio Antonino Pio, etc.).

The city is today more than ever lively; Restaurants, Pubs, Pizzerias, Lounge Bars, Disco clubs offer a variety
of pleasant and varied opportunities for the tourists . The summer, which lasts about 9 months here, allows
you to experience the beauty of Pozzuoli, with concerts and outdoor events.
The hilly landscape and the proximity to the sea not only offer tourists unforgettable views, but also favor a
millennial food and wine tradition.